Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chair #4.

Chair number four was made for one of the sisters who grew up in this house, and after it was shipped, (to New York), the sister in Tripp has ordered one for herself, and four small benches for her children.  ( It's really chair number 5; chair number four sits in the shop yet incomplete.  The holes for the rear legs were bored too far forward and until I glued on the 'Flash Gordon' spurs, it tipped rearward at the slightest provocation.)

Right side

This chair, though not apparent from the photos, is a bit lower to the ground than the previous, and the comb is 2 inches lower.  Its owner is 5'4", and it was made to fit.  We think the seat is stunning.  Quarter sawn elm in its striped and bees-wing figured splendor!  I seem to have solved almost all  the fitting difficulties; there is no tear out at the spindle holes, and no forcing of spindles was required to meet up with the holes.  The seat was adzed and scorped from one piece of quarter sawn elm, a blank 24 inches wide and 40 inches long.  (Hello Harry in England; I have a few more.  I'd send you one gratis, but the shipping would probably sink you.  Sorry.)

The seat

Seven spindles.  Legs a bit more upright than the others, but well balanced in relation to one another.  I like odd numbers for spindles, five or seven.


The front

  Two coats of amber shellac before the spar varnish blend.  Western wheat grass.
This chair is easily the best made so far, and will be the standard to which I work from here on.  

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