Sunday, December 7, 2014

Benches among the till

 Some two weeks after moving into this house our side doorbell chimed, a woman we did not know. "Hello, I grew up in this house.  Can I come in?" "Yes, yes, come in!"   Her grandfather built this house in 1894.  Like her sister, chair #4, she ordered a chair for herself, and four of these table/benches for her grown children.  (In internet searches for chairs I saw a bench like it in a Welsh cottage, and, liking the cut-off corners began experimenting with my own.  Some, like the photo, I make with all four corners cut at45 degrees.  This is the type II, two corners at 45 degrees and  two at 20 degrees.  They can be either benches or tables.  
 Amongst  the elm are many very nice pieces not large enough for chair seats, hence.)

This is the group of four sitting on the now bare soil where I grow potatoes. (Yukon gold, Red norland and Purple Viking.)  And yes, that is elm sawdust.

The tops are all mostly the same size, 12 1/2" x 21".  Elm legs wedged with elm.  The colors here are a bit pale, as we were forced to shoot outside on a cold overcast day.  Actual colors are more orange, as in the chairs below.  These sell for $95 to some $135, so, less than the chairs.  (Yes, that is a frozen green tomato in the foreground.)

 They are exceedingly sturdy to stand on as well.

The line is in the wood. 

I like this one best of all. The white running off the opposite corners is dramatic.

The new lights for indoor photography have arrived, and these should be the last low light, outdoor photos.  We will soon have close ups of wedges, plus shots of the shop operations.

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