Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Low stools with curved seats.

 This is a step stool which, rather than leave raw, is finished with shellac only.  There is minimal surface sanding and no hand planing on it.  The legs are square in section instead of octagonal, with no taper.  It is twelve inches high, and about 11 x 14 inches.  Unless on stands off to one corner, it will not teeter or tip.  We end up with a lot of small pieces dropped of from the slabs perfect for this sort of thing.  They run from $45 to $65, and can be made to your height and size needs.  Take a bow, stool.  Thank you.

 The top is 1 1/2" thick.  They are sturdy and heavy.  I would not kick them in frustration.

The next two stools are variations of the curved stool sitting in green grass and dandelions in the photo way below  (That one was donated as a door prize to the local Farmer's Union meeting in early December.  All are only ten inches high, and some 10 x 13 inches, with comfortable, curved seats.  (These two were shaped with recently made planes, one a scraper plane, and both with curved bottoms.  Coming attractions!)

 Ash legs wedged with cherry, book matched and somewhat quarter sawn.  The colors are true.

 This beauty was made from nearly matching scraps from different pieces.  One usually avoids the yellowish sapwood, though when taken from smaller limbs, six to nine inches, it has not yet become soft or punky, and the contrast is striking, in even small patches.

This one really sparkles in person.  I have not made enough of these to settle on a real price...

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