Saturday, September 19, 2015

Down with the Barn!

Up with the duck shed!

The only extant photo of the now vanished barn is way down thataway, at this blog's first posts.  Photos of the scene follow:

 Trying to decipher my own scrawl; 63 inches, 68 inches...?

 Hammer in hand, hammering something.

Framing mostly complete.  We have no photos of the taking apart part.  The weather was a blessing in April and May, sixty days of 70 degree days and rainless until late into May.  Most unusual, and yet the lack of rain did not continue into droughts, by the grace of God.

Roughly sixteen feet wide and eighteen deep, excepting the corners and tall middle verticals, (which came from the 'Pallet Palace',all wood came from the barn.  Those headers were 18' 2x10's. And a lot of the stretchers were larger by a bit than full 2x4's.  Hundred year old wood. 

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