Saturday, September 19, 2015

Chairs again at last.

Barn demolition and duck shed building took all of April and May and part of June.  Ducklings arrived on June 3rd and lived in the shop in a large cardboard box under a brood lamp for about three weeks, moving into the duck shed when the wiring was completed and signed off on.  Outdoor work ate June. (Tomato plants started from seed in June are only now ripening; frost is four weeks off.  Oh my.) In preparation for Yankton's Riverboat Days, chair's 7,8,9 & 10 were built.

These first photos are Chair #3 7/8, ("Three and seven eights.")  This is the chair that would have been #4 but that the rear legs were poorly done, and it tipped backwards.

 Note the outriggers.  They look foolish, but work as an anti-tip solution.  

 Without them this beautiful seat would have been wasted.

 Here the problem of the overly vertical rear legs is apparent.  I believe the tall spindles here are angled at 10 degrees.

 View from the front.  The front legs are also a bit too vertical.  

 A nice shot from the back.  Cogburn spurs!

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